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Wife Teaches Her Uncommunicative Husband ‘I Love You’ Hand Signal And It Changes Their Marriage


How do you show affection to the people you love? Each individual is different, and the different ways we choose to express ourselves are all as valid as any other. The traditional eye-contact, hug, kiss or “I love you” are all great, but some people just aren’t comfortable with them!

Just because they choose a different way, doesn’t make it any less meaningful.

This story, told by Tumblr user Bright-Eyed Bad Wolf is a perfect example of this. Her husband, for his own reasons, struggled to verbally express his love in the same way that she did. Rather than live a life of doubt about his lack of reciprocation, she decided to teach him another, more subtle method – and it completely changed the nature of their relationship!

Image credits: Bright-Eyed Bad Wolf

Any method of showing affection, whether it be the traditional kind or something simple and sweet like this, is genuine. So if you feel like your loved ones can be a little distant at times, look a little closer. Chances are they don’t love you any less, they just choose to show it in different ways. Understanding this is so important to the health of any relationship!

Bright-Eyed Bad Wolf told Bored Panda that since she and her husband began using the taps and squeeze signals communication has improved, but not because he needed to be taught anything. “It was more like something unlocked between us, or that I had found a way to sync our communication styles up,” she told us. “He has always been more about action than words in all things.”

“We had tried to address the imbalance before by talking it out, but it was largely unsuccessful given our Say vs Show communication styles. I don’t regret the time it took, I think this sort of dilemma is part of growing together as a couple.”

“Nowadays, about 6 years later, I still say it more, but I also recognize things he does as the equivalent displays of affection they are.”

Here’s what people had to say about the sweet little story

What do you think? Are you comfortable openly displaying affection for other people? Or do you prefer more subtle, discreet ways to show your love and appreciation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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