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We’ve Been Creating Tiny Paper Cut Animals Every Day Since 2018 (New 70 Pics)


Hello folks, I am Vaishali. My partner Nayan and I are miniature paper cut artists based in India. We make miniature hand-painted layered paper cut artworks. We took up 365 days of miniature art challenge last year (2018) and continued it this year (2019). We have been making artwork every day since 1st January 2018 and have created 640 pieces so far. We chose birds as our topic of art for the first year and after the completion of our first year’s series, we thought of including other animals too. Through this series we want people to understand the beauty and details of nature and how important it is in our lives. 

As for the process, each artwork begins with a sketch on a paper. After that, different layers are traced from the sketch on 200 GSM watercolor paper, then precisely hand-cut and watercolored. Each layer is hand-painted with utmost precision. Finally, all the layers are assembled together to get a three-dimensional look for our tiny paper sculptures. The smallest artwork measures 12 mm from head to tail. Usually, one artwork takes 4-6 hours to complete.

You can find our previous post here and here! For daily updates on our intricate paper art visit our Instagram profile. Enjoy our artworks. Use less, save more. 

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