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Home Lifehacks This Man Who Grew Up In Foster Care Adopts 3 Boys

This Man Who Grew Up In Foster Care Adopts 3 Boys


Some say that small deeds of kindness are greater than the grandest intentions. And of course, those tiny little acts of kindness could be enough to get this world spinning faster and make the change. But that’s just not good enough for some people. Some would, apparently, better stick to the saying “Go big or go home”. The hero of today’s story is certainly one of the later as he adopted not one child but three after being raised in foster care himself.

More info: Barry Farmer

Barry Farmer of Richmond, Virginia, got the license for being foster parent at the age 21

Image credits: Barry Farmer

After being raised by his grandmother through a program called “Kinship Care” that allows other family members to step in and raise a child when their parents aren’t capable, Barry Farmer knew the importance of having a parent figure in child’s life.

He adopted his eldest son Jaxon in 2011, followed by Xavier in 2013 and the youngest, Jeremiah, in 2014

Image credits: Barry Farmer

Therefore, he got the license of being a foster parent as soon as he could and took in an eight-year-old boy, Jaxson, in 2011 at the young age of 21. The original plan was for Jaxson to stay with him until his family was ready to take him back but in an unexpected turn, Jaxson asked Farmer to be his “forever dad” when faced with a possibility to live with adopted parents.

He took the boys in knowing the struggle of growing up without a father

Image credits: Barry Farmer

Farmer said that becoming a foster parent to him was like a tribute to his grandmother. “I could never pay her back, but I was definitely able to pay it forward,” said Farmer. Two years after adopting Jaxson, he thought it would be good for the boy to have a brother and adopted another son, Xavier, back in 2013.

Barry himself was raised by his grandmother through a program called Kinship Care

Image credits: barryfarmermorningshow

A year later he took in another boy, Jeremiah, as a foster child. But just as with his first son, Jaxson, the plan has changed. “Jeremiah’s plans to return home had changed during that time,” Farmer explained, “and that’s when my two older boys and I decided to welcome him into our home permanently.”

Talk about giving back triplefold!

Image credits: barryfarmermorningshow

“Fatherhood has been everything I imagined it to be because I’m the father I wish I had growing up. I’m involved, I’m there when my boys go to sleep and when they wake up,” Farmer said. And looking at this adorable family, we hope there’s a loving dad like this for every child in the world!

People of the Internet were delighted by his act of kindness


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