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This Girl’s Subway Order Is So Weird, The Worker Had To Take A Photo Of It And It Might Be The Weirdest Sandwich You Have Ever Seen


Some say you should never argue about someone’s food choices. It’s probably safe to say that most of us have some guilty pleasures that could seem really weird to other people when it comes to food, so we should probably let it slide if we see something strange on someone’s plate. Seems fair, huh? But this time, we have something too peculiar to be polite about for most people. This girl ordered something so weird on Subway that the guy making it just couldn’t ignore it. Nor could the people of the Internet. Scroll down to see what her order was!

This 20-year-old girl named Anna from London tweeted about her first Subway order ever

Image credits: annajames33

Wondering if she’s doing it right since the guy making it couldn’t hide a smile and took a photo of her order

Image credits: annajames33

But who could hide their amusement after making something so peculiar

Image credits: annajames33

Some people even confronted Anna about her choices

Image credits: annajames33

And she later excused herself by saying she was drunk when placing that order

Image credits: annajames33

But still, not everyone on the Internet was ready to let it slide

Image credits: amyywinter

Image credits: JRBurt0n

Image credits: UglyBitchJaeee

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Image credits: MHus66

Image credits: MHus66

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