Sunday Brunch with


Sunday Brunch with

Today we’re having brunch with! We spied several yummy brunch recipes and paired them with lovely tableware. Your perfect Sunday spring brunch awaits…

Homemade Raspberry Swedish Pancakes RecipeSwirled Symmetry Dinner Plate at Anthropologie

Raspberry Swedish Pancakes+ Swirled Symmetry Dinner Plate
Visit Plat du jour for the recipe; dinner plate available at

yummy homemade hot chocolate recipeAyaka Mug at Anthropologie

Homemade Hot Chocolate + Ayaka Mug
Visit Bayaderka for the recipe; mug available at

Homemade Banana Muffins with Chocolate Pretzel Topping (Recipe)lohja platter at anthropologie

Banana Muffins with Chocolate Pretzel Topping + Lohja Platter
Visit Better Happier St. Sebastian for the recipe; platter available at

Super Light Berry Meringue Cakes RecipeWeck Canning Jars

Super Light Berry Meringue Cakes + Weck Canning Jars
Visit Top With Cinnamon for the recipe; jars available at is the organized way to shop the internet. Plan everything from daily purchases to major events with easy-to-use collections, and when you’re ready to make your purchases, you’re just a click away. Take the hassle out of the online shopping experience with

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