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Someone Posts A Photo With A Guy Next To A Giant Rice Wave, People Immediately Start To Photoshop It


Internet surprises us with new things, good or bad, every single day. One day it’s hilarious baby photos, the other – a holocaust survivor who’s now in a death metal band. Today’s new it is a stunning rice wave from Japan that not only left people in awe, but also inspired a series of photoshop edits.

The screenshot originates from a YouTube channel titled ‘Mizutamari Bond’ where a Japanese duo Kanta and Tommy upload daily videos, ranging from urban legend theories to pranks. Their newest video shows Tommy making fried rice and for a brief moment, the man tricks Kanta into thinking that he made a giant rice wave in the wok pan. Turns out, it’s actually a sculpture he ordered beforehand, yet it still left people on the internet in shock. 

So what do internet citizens do best? Take a funny shot to the next level using the powers of photoshop. So scroll down to check out their creations, comment and vote for your favorites, or perhaps try your own hand at creating something new with the incredible rice wave?

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