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Snoop Dogg Laughs At Kanye West’s Attempts At Fashion By Calling His New Slides ‘Jail Slippers’


As the famous saying goes, in matters of taste, there can be no disputes. That doesn’t only go for food preferences but for fashion choices as well. But surely enough, there are always some people who tend to ignore these kinds of rules of kindness and just jump into criticizing others’ tastes. This time, it was rapper Snoop Dogg who couldn’t keep his cool and went against Kanye West’s fashion taste regarding this new upcoming slippers. Scroll down for the whole story!

Being a good wife, Kim Kardashian shared Kanye’s new line of kid’s slides in her Instagram stories

Image credits: Kim Kardashian

It only makes sense that Kanye and Kim Kardashian West’s kids would be the first ones who’d get to do the honors and try on their daddy’s new line of Yeezy slides for kids. Kim posted a couple of cute photos of them eagerly trying them on and even asking their momma to give the slides to their siblings as well, so that they could all be little fashionistas together.

And while their kids seemed to genuinely enjoy their new slippers, they weren’t everyone’s cup of tea

Image credits: Kim Kardashian

Little did they know though, all this excitement would be soon clouded after Kim’s Insta stories spread around the Internet. Famous rapper Snoop Dogg spotted the stories on The Shade Room profile and couldn’t keep it to himself after realizing they actually resemble jail slippers…

And requested for their siblings to try them on for the video as well

Image credits: Kim Kardashian

His comment soon gained over 21,000 likes, so it would only make sense to think people agreed with him. And he wasn’t the only one to dislike the footwear. Actor Milan Christopher commented: “This man bout to sell y’all $2 Prison slippers for $500?” along with a crying of laughter emoji and an exasperated face emoji.

They sure weren’t everyone’s cup of tea and rapper Snoop Dogg jumped in to compare them to jail slippers

Image credits: theshaderoom

People on the Internet seemed to agree with him


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