Quilted Autumn Leaf Table Runner


Quilted Autumn Leaf Table Runner

Quilted Autumn Leaf Table Runner | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is such a seasonal cheery project for quilters, Autumn is upon us and it’s time to put all our holiday decorating ideas in action. I love to plan and I do plenty of that, but it’s time to not only be inspired but to actually flesh out a few of these pipe dreams. You lay out your quilting pieces. You will be working with blocks and half square triangles.

Learn to make an Autumn quilt table runner

I followed these easy instructions and decided to use a gold thread for the actual quilting because if I had used a green it wouldn’t have shown up as well as the gold did.

Learn to make a quilted Autumn table runner

I made this Quilted Autumn Leaf Table Runner for my Mom because she still loves to decorate her Fall table from the end of September until the day after Thanksgiving. This year she had made a beautiful porch decoration with 5 bails of decorative hay from JoAnn’s Fabrics and no less than 20 pumpkins. She also made a DIY Scarecrow out of my Dad’s old clothes and hat, then sat him on the front bale of hay with a Walmart Greeter’s vest on! Everyone that saw it as they were driving by got in a cheerful mood when they saw the Scarecrow Walmart Greeter. When all the relatives turned up on Thanksgiving Day for our big feast the children got a bit frightened of it. They said, “Grandma Halloween is over why is the scary Walmart greeter at your door?”. Grandma just laughed and laughed, then to get them used to him she actually made a place for him at the table and sat him down! We laughed through the entire dinner.

Quilted Autumn Leaf Table Runner



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