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Netflix Adds An Adorable Documentary Following 5 Puppies’ Journeys To Becoming Guide Dogs


We hear so many people say that dogs are just too good and pure for this world and we here at Bored Panda are certainly not ones to argue with this beautiful statement. On the contrary, we are here to provide more information to affirm it. So prepare for your hearts to be melted not by adorable corgi bubble butts or something naive and cheeky someone’s doggo did. This time, it will be done by five incredibly cute labrador pups up for an incredibly serious task – becoming guide dogs for the visually impaired. Scroll down to find out more!

“Pick of the Litter” is an adorable dogumentary recently added on Netflix

That follows 5 Labrador pups for two years

Image credits: KTF Films

The film follows the adorable five right from the moment they’re born and begin their journey to become the most important companions in visually impaired people’s lives. Some of the litter had it easier than others, all of the puppies being born with incredibly different personalities.

On a journey of becoming guide dogs for blind people

Image credits: KTF Films

The pack consists of three boys and two girls

Image credits: KTF Films

The litter of these adorable labrador pups shown in the film is located in California and is a part of the US organization, Guide Dogs for the Blind, which receives 1,100 applicants every year.

Who are named Patriot, Potomac, Primrose, Poppet, and Phil

Image credits: KTF Films

The puppies live with carers until they’re 16 months old

Image credits: KTF Films

Becoming a guide dog is no easy job, as it requires the doggos to take responsibility for their owners and ultimately make some decisions on their own whether something would be safe for both of them or not.

And then they have to graduate from a guide-dog course

Image credits: KTF Films

Where they were training for 10 weeks

Image credits: KTF Films

Therefore, it’s no surprise that not all puppies can qualify for such a task, as some have more reckless personalities than others. Only the best of the best or at least the most responsible of the little ones can make the cut and become the pick of the litter.

Reports state that only two thirds of the trained pups make the final cut

Image credits: KTF Films

The final third that doesn’t really qualify for the serious job finds loving homes elsewhere

Image credits: KTF Films

While the documentary is mainly focused on these five cute furballs, it also features the testimonials of visually impaired people who confirm the importance of guide dogs in their lives.

And are given homes with new and loving owners

Image credits: KTF Films

The whole documentary is just a cuteness overload

Image credits: KTF Films

And is a perfect reminder of how precious all of our furry friends are

Image credits: ktffilms.com

And people on the Internet couldn’t agree more!


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