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“My Family Is Pressuring Me To Give My Sister My Wedding Venue Because She Needs It More And Is Pregnant”


If you’re lucky, your family members, love, support, and inspire you. If you’re not so lucky, they’re selfish manipulative psychos who will turn against you the second they need something.

Reddit user u/paperweightfairy and her fiancé have booked their dream wedding venue in advance. They weren’t in a rush, so it seemed perfectly fine to wait a bit and have the ceremony they both wanted. As the big day was nearing, however, her sister got pregnant. Which wouldn’t be a problem in itself. But the gal started pressuring u/paperweightfairy, demanding she and her fiancé give up their venue. And she wouldn’t stop even after hearing a polite “no.”

Image credits: istockphoto / Motortion (not the actual photo)

People said a lot of things to the bride

To clear things up, she posted a few updates of the situation


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