Must-See Parenting Tips from Harvard Psychologist: How to Raise Kind Kids


Must-See Parenting Tips from Harvard Psychologist: How to Raise Kind Kids

If you were to eat all your child’s candy, would they throw or a tantrum, or would they react as polite and understanding as this little girl?

We all want our children to grow up into kind, caring and respectful people, and it’s our job as parents to guide them along their journey towards achieving those important values and morals. Harvard psychologist, Richard Weissbourd, who runs the Making Caring Common Project gives us five excellent tips to help parents instill these values and raise kind, ethical children. Although this advice is geared towards children, it’s actually applicable to absolutely everyone – parent or not.

5 strategies to raise moral, kind children

1. Make Caring for Others a Priority

Instead of focusing solely on your child’s happiness and achievements, make sure that you also emphasize the importance of the concern of others.

2. Provide them with Opportunities to Practice Caring and Gratitude

Caring for others and, in turn, expressing gratitude for those who care about them will teach children to become generous and compassionate people. Daily opportunities arise in the form of getting your kids help around the house and to let them see you express gratitude.

3. Expand their Circle of Concern

Caring for their family members and circle of friends is common, but encouraging your kids to also care about and be friendly to people who are outside of that circle (e.g. new kid in class, waitress at restaurant etc.) is paramount.

4. Be a Strong Role Model

It’s important to show your child rather than simply telling him or her. Practice the values that you want your child to have and make sure that they witness and experience it.

5. Guide them in managing Destructive Feelings

Negative feeling like anger or envy can overpower the desire to care for others. Children need to be taught that although these feelings are normal, there are productive ways to deal with them so that others don’t get hurt.

Being a parent means protecting your kids in more ways than one, so make sure that you know what to do in every emergency situation, like when a child chokes on something. And if you want to keep them warm and happy, try some these adorable baby projects.

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