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Home Lifehacks Lost In The Streets With No Food

Lost In The Streets With No Food


Feed Friends received a call about an emaciated dog that was dumped near the airport. We could not find her that day but the next day she was seen again. In the meantime, a foster came forward so together we could take her to the vet. We thought she might have major health issues but she seemed to be doing ok. 

More info: Facebook | rescuepawscuracao.com

She was not much more than skin and bones and we knew it would take time to get her to a healthy weight again, but she deserved a new and better life. Since this dog followed the foster around everywhere, she received the name Shadow.

Thanks to the lots of love and care, Shadow started enjoying her new life. She has an amazing friend at home and goes for walks often with her other dog friends. She loves running around, exploring and playing.

Shadow has been one of the lucky ones to get a new life, and thanks to your support this has been possible. Please consider donating to help more dogs like her.


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