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I Traveled Around Southern Mexico For Two Weeks


Last summer I spent two weeks traveling in Southern Mexico. I didn’t know what to expect. The only time that Mexico makes it into the Belgian media is when there has been extreme drug-related violence. Everyone seemed to think it was a bad idea to go and drive around there. Even from the touristic south, I read a couple of horror stories. I must say, because of all the negative stories I didn’t feel very safe when I arrived, but after 1 day I started to realize that it was in fact just stories. The people were friendly wherever we went. Even when they didn’t speak English (and I don’t speak much Spanish), they still tried to help. Nature was beautiful, the archeological sites impressive and the food delicious! I tried to capture some street scenes but didn’t succeed until late in our travel, but the archeological sites we visited the first week were impressive to photograph too.

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