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How Do You Deal With Sadness?


Sometimes life kicks me in the nuts, and it’s hard to stand up but we have to, right? I mean, the good life isn’t the one without suffering, it’s the one where it contributes to our development as human beings. When I’m feeling down, a walk through the busy city streets really helps. It kind of reminds me that everything’s still in its place and the Earth is still spinning. It clears my head. However, I was wondering – how do you deal with sadness? I’m sure there are other ways to bring back a smile on your face, so it would be interesting to hear yours!


My way of dealing with sadness might sadden a lot of you, who read this, but here’s how I do it. The key point is to distract my mind with anything else that would absorb my attention. Getting to do something creative, such as drawing or writing, surely helps, but that is not so easy when you feel sad, demotivated, exhausted, lazy, and guilty. So… The internet and simple video games are the initial answer. Yep, that means I mostly reach for my smartphone/computer to help me deal with it.


Sadness usually creeps up on me at night when it looks like the whole world is asleep. If it’s warm outside I open up my window, stick my head out and just breathe in. Deeply. Slowly. Fully… Until it goes away..

And if it’s cold, I just sit on the windowsill looking at the stars until the calmness of the night somehow makes it a bit better…


I used to ignore sadness and treat it as something bad and something I must avoid. But when that didn’t work I changed my perspective on it (sure, it sounds like no big deal now, but that sentence was years and years in the making).

Now, when I get sad, I look for a reason behind it. And I do it by talking about it. I’m fortunate enough to have people around me who would listen to me blabbering about my stuff until I figure it out. And then, not only can I learn from it, but I can also move on.


I’m dealing with sadness right now. My husband is terminal & I’m waiting on a hospice visit . We are fortunate to have many supportive friends that visit & help with tasks I can’t do…. although I was just on a ladder trimming a tree. What helps me is gardening , anything from pulling weeds , planting seeds & flowers. to pruning the climbing roses. Reading is also a nice distraction .So is exercise. Yet, I can’t avoid the waves of sadness that grip me. I accept them .


I’m a professional burrito of sadness so usually I just lay on my bed staring at the ceiling until it goes away. I’m not able to force myself into anything else when it happens. This takes time and I really do not recommend this technique, so looking forward to reading some new ideas!


It’s not easy.

I doodle, even if its crap. I write my feelings down (even if the writing is no damn good aka “crap”) & I listen to music (I have all kinds) but I know it isn’t easy.

I hope that you will get an answer to help you through this 🙂


I start laying around and curling up into an armadillo. Then I think no. I’m not going to let some pr*ck (life) f*ck with me. Because when life gives me lemons, I set them on fire and burn life’s house down. And then I go play video games to let all that excess rage out. So basically I just turn sadness into rage. Yep that’s it. I’m done.


When I feel sad I play with my daughter. Her laughs and smiles cure me from sadness!


Cat. My cat helps. There are so many things I can’t really tell other people yet so when the burden gets too heavy I cuddle my cat who calmly purrs until I feel better.

And if there is something sad that can be voiced, writing about your feelings and the support of the loved ones helps a lot.


I don’t really have a specific way I can ever get rid of sadness, but working on one of my many projects (clay, painting, drawing, etc.) or playing Animal Crossing helps distract from being sad.


I listen to or try to play music that fits my mood which is what helps the most. I think it is comforting to know that someone else somewhere, sometime was probably feeling the same. As I grow older I have come to the concision that it is ok and healthy to be sad sometimes, even if there are many good things in your life. It is a way of processing, letting things go or contemplating what little things you can change in your life to be happier.


Well , to be honest, I’m that kind of person who cannot be on it’s own for a long time. If I’m alone for more than few hours I’m very often overthinking stuff and being rather pesimistic about myself. That usually leads to sadness or mild depression. The only thing which helps me overcome this, is simply go out and be among people, even strangers. I often go shopping to the nearest supermarket, even that I don’t really need anything, just to be around people.


Me? First of all, I face it. I deal with the sadness. And then I stay alone, listen to music, sing out loud, pet my cat, buy something nice (like a book) and order some nice food. That works most of the time.

I guess the ultimate comfort is myself. A person I can always count on and should never neglect. If you are cool with what you are, you can enjoy peaceful moments alone that can deal a lot with sadness.


IMPORTANT ADVICE: If you’re ever sad, try doing the following:

1. say “bubbles” angrily
2. hold your nose and say “sneep snoop”
3. google sharks with human teeth


I’m dealing with sadness right now. My husband is terminal & I’m waiting on a hospice visit . We are fortunate to have many supportive friends that visit & help with tasks I can’t do…. although I was just on a ladder trimming a tree. What helps me is gardening , anything from pulling weeds , planting seeds & flowers. to pruning the climbing roses. Reading is also a nice distraction .So is exercise. Yet, I can’t avoid the waves of sadness that grip me. I accept them .


Whenever I get sad I like to go into nature and look at all the beauty in the world. It helps me think about whatever is bothering me and it gives me some me time. This helps me so i don’t keep my sadness buried deep inside me.


When I feel sad I just cry it out when I m alone…..And after crying for a few hours I magically feel good…. .


I always read,Doodle,or cry it out.


I cry. I cry hard, because sometimes I really does feel good to just let it all out.
However, sometimes I’m even too sad to cry. At that point, I draw or write what I’m feeling, or sleep.


I usually just study and eat. It helps


There are a lot of ways!
1. I force myself to do physical exercise. -> works like a charm!
2. I start to clean and organize things around. -> I can turn my sadness into working energy. Seeing things gets nicer helps me, and it’s actually also physical exercise.
3. I meditate. -> This is making peace with the sadness.
4. I surrender myself to it. -> Come sad music, eating junk food, drinking wine and laying on the bed!


Whenever I’m upset (quite often these days), I watch a sad movie, or read a sad book and just relax and let myself cry, while eating a buttery grilled cheese sandwich. Makes me feel better, every time.


BABES!! Just cry it out. You may think you are being brave, but you’re only being too afraid to break down. You’ll only reach acceptance by breaking down. It doesn’t need to be in front of anyone else… you are your best friend, and sometimes that’s hard… but you can make it out! Just pretend i’m there… whoever you imagine me to be… Have a great day loves!!!


I find something to take my mind off of whatever the problem is. Usually it’s reading, coloring, listening to upbeat music, or making something. It also really helps me to talk to someone who understands.


I usually take a long, hot shower and then curl up in bed and maybe cry a bit to make me feel better(I’m weird). Then, I complain to my pillow and read a bit. Also pizza. Pizza is always the answer.


When I’m sad I like to get away. I go to a friends house and just watch Tv. I feel better when I can kind of get out of my life and go to a place I’m comfortable and relax. Life is just easier if you take the time to just watch Nexflix in your underwear and forget the world.


I forgot!!! I also play Kirby’s Epic Yarn. It’s so happy and fluffy and cute! (but if you play it with someone else it’s extremely frustrating)


I know this is very unhealthy but,when I became too sad,I used to take sleeping pills.I have been trying to replace it with something else so I started looking at various social networking sites.I don’t talk to anyone about my sadness,but just being online blunts the pain.


It depends, because my sadness usually comes with an extra dose of anxiety. If it’s not the case, I go for a walk to the forest, or to the park to feed the ducks or other animals, it helps me feel less lonely or it makes it matter less. If it comes with anxiety, usually I try to be in good company, a good friend to talk who can offer a shoulder to cry. But that doesn’t happen very often, so some valerian pills, a good cry that will leave you exhausted and sleeping helps til the next day.


I listen to music, when I don’t have a device I take a walk, a bike ride or write a poem or rap that says what I’m feeling even if no one else understands it.


I listen to Panic! at the disco, and watch youtube. Don’t be afraid to let the waterworks out, it’s usually needed.


eat food and watch movies on your computer for all eternity.


I imagine my sadness and other feelings as creatures living inside me and dealing with each other. Sometimes Sadness is big and strong and brings lot of fear to the others. But there must be at least one creature that can calm her down, right? So, I try to find that one that is best for this job! Oh look at that, there is Joy, what can she do to calm Sadness? Its like a story I make up, what would she do? … That calms me down and eases the sadness.


Cuddles. Cuddles literally melt my sadness away.


I usually go to a place where I can cry by myself (I do accept my cat, but NO people), listen to music (usually Pink Floyd), look for distraction in drawing, Wikipedia, everything…

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Watch ‘Inside Out’. Alleviating sadness is the core theme and really does make me smile.


Look at a penguin, you can’t look at a penguin and feel sad.


I usually feel sad when I miss my boyfriend….So I just tuck into my bedand watch the whole series of a romcom drama or even more till I get out of my real life drama.These “happily ever after” kind of stuff gives u a hope that things will get better sooner or after but it’ll get better.


I lay on my bed with my dog and listen to my favorite song on my iPod until I feel better.


Guess what..? Life sucks sometimes. well… for me, it is more so most of the time… Well, i deal with my sadness by thinking of the future i see for myself. A beautiful house with a loft and dance floor area in the kids room, a great family… husband, and 2-3 kids. then, i tell myself it’ll be okay. I find that crying it out helps. I feel that the heat cancels out as the water pours out with it. You are worth so much, and the future is only brighter if you want it to be. Have a great day!!


Cuddle dog, watch / read Under Milkwood by Dylan Thomas.


Cry. It seems counterintuitive but letting yourself fall apart is sometimes the only way you can put yourself back together, kind of like a lego set.


Sadness. One of the may things we can expect to happen in our life right? well to deal with it, i run. i love to feel the wind lashing at the har in my face, my body go numb so i cant feel anything inside any more. so i guess i replace internal pain with physcial pain _oo_/


No matter where you are, put your earphones/headphones on and listen to music. Block out everything around you and just relax. (even if you feel like exploding)


Honestly, sadness is something i’m pretty used to. I’m not very social, and don’t have a great relationship with my family. I spend most of my time alone, and that’s about it.

To deal with sadness, i create things. Fantasy creatures, ancient machines, hats for my ball python. It’s always a great feeling, making something cool. Even if it’s an idea on a flashdrive, it’s still nice.

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I have a really strange way to cope with sadness. I create when I’m sad. Whether it is a new art project or a video for my crazy YouTube channel and if I don’t like it I trash it. This has helped a lot with my anxiety and depression.


i deal with sadness with friendship or just eating chocolate,ice cream,or write my feelings


If I get sad I go upstairs and hug my unicorns. they are so big and fluffy. It helps because I don’t need to talk I just hug. When I am ready I go tell my mum.


It’s my constant fight. I have tried everything that I found sane: writing, sharing my pain, meeting with friends, surfing the net, caring for my flowers, reading, watching movies, working till late at the office, spending time in the nature by taking long walks in the forest, going to dance classes… Honestly, I thought a lot about the cause of my sadness and what could help in overcoming it. My sadness is unsolvable, totally influenced by external factors, which I can’t change.


What I do is I curl up in my blanket with my cat or a stuffed animal and try to think of happy things, but sometimes I just cry it all out and start reading a book or I go do something else (Like watching funny videos on Youtube) I hope this helps you, or anyone who needs some help with it 🙂


I know this is going to sound cliche, but music is my shield, my sadness shield. When that. Doesn’t work I usually do a lot of daydreaming to get away from here, I can do anything, I can fly I can rule the world. I us d to think the future was dark and a swirling abyss of terror, but after my freind killed himself, I gained some knowledge that the future isn’t dark, the future is bright and filled with neat things.


Do what makes you happy!
I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but in life, everyone has to suffer, go through pain, tears and grief.
Binge and indulge on what gives you happiness. Art, books, music, singing, dance, sports, shopping, television, gardening, yoga, walking, videogames…
Or talking! Having a friend, family member or even a stranger. A comforting hand, ear and heart can make a world of difference.
Most importantly, think positively and see the bright side. Stay Happy!


I kinda just draw my way out! I know it sounds weird but when i’m sad I put on my tunes and pull out my sketchbook and create. I manage to deal with my sadness and I end up creating a little trophy to display to myself saying “You can do this. Its going to be okay. Stay strong and don’t forget to take care of yourself”.
I hope whoever reads this is able to take something away from it!!
Much love!!


I listen to sad music to make myself sadder but also to know I’m not alone


At night, I usually read a peaceful and easy book to read. But most of the time, I write or draw.

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When i am sad, i usually go to bored panda to see special people with great ideas, warm hearts and smart opinions. it’s calming, when you know that at least something in this world is in order.


I take antidepressants. I have to otherwise the sadness becomes a sorrow so overwhelming that it will overtake me, spiraling me down into a pit of despair so deep that not even the light of the sun can reach me. That’s just me of course. I call them my Happy Pills.


I watch Hogan’s Heroes. I grew up with that show on DVD and it’s comforting for me to watch something familiar to distract me.


Sadness is a natural response to loss, including negative or undesirable outcomes. Loss can include many things such as the death of a loved one or the loss of self-identity or material possessions

Sadness is not the same as depression, although it may be a symptom of depression. Since the two terms are often incorrectly used, it’s important to understand key differences.

Live with your loved ones and don’t think to much. Don’t mind if someone tells you something. Spend time in parks.


Think about good things that have happened to you. Try to think positive. Hang out with loved ones. Do things that will make you feel better. Go hiking or camping.


Think about good things that have happened to you. Try to think positive. Hang out with loved ones. Do things that will make you feel better. Go hiking or camping.


Think about good things that have happened to you. Try to think positive. Hang out with loved ones. Do things that will make you feel better. Go hiking or camping.


When ever I feel sad or depressed I go home early from work. I cook a yummy dish which I have never cooked before. It really takes off my mind from the other depressing stuff while concentrating on the recipe and procedure. Then I watch an interesting action or sci-fiction movie while eating it on my bed. I forget everything else happening around me and get myself involved in the movie. I eat until my stomach could’nt accumulate anymore. Then I just relax without thinking about anything.


I watch iisuperwomanii ‘s videos on YouTube or else just rant at a wall in my room


I’m a crier. I’m a super emotional person, so I find the saddest music I can find (luckily you can do that for any mood that you’re in) and I will just lay down and cry until I can’t cry anymore and then its done.

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Firstly, don’t be angry with yourself for feeling sad. Accept the situation and plan an escape!

1. Open the window (welcome the weather & fresh air)
2. Clean & Rearrange your main living & sleeping space: Create space for plants & flowers/a pet companion/Healthy food & Treats/Relax Zone (focus on positive energy)
3.Walk outside for at least 5-10mins a day (Do not isolate yourself when you’re sad)
4. It’s VIP to Socialise (Talk with a friend/family/stranger in person/online or write)



I’m writing a crazy book about misadventures my family, my friends and I went through. It’s really funny to remind myself all those times we were in trouble but then laughed so hard. It gives me something to think about and a job to distract me. By the time I’ve finished writing what I wanted to write, my sadness is long gone. If this doesn’t work I go and hug my dog or my degus.


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I snuggle with all of my dogs. It’s hard to be sad when they’re around.. and they KNOW when I’m sad and simply won’t allow it. Dogs are so therapeutic.





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