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Here Are 21 Pics Of Beyond Perfect Concrete Work To Satisfy Any Perfectionist


It could be a bit odd to admit sometimes but most of us find various things really satisfying. And luckily, the Internet is this happy place where you can find anything and everything, regardless of what your idea of perfection is. Whether it’s neatly planted trees casting shadows in a picturesque manner, 10 same-looking cute little doggos, a row of cups placed on the kitchen counter with amazing precision – you name it and the Internet will provide. But this time, it was a man working for a concrete company who decided to please the eyes of all the perfectionists of the online world. Scroll down to check out their work!


All of this surprisingly smooth work was done by the same company named West Coast Concrete Services that is located in Sacramento, California. It’s a family-owned business that has been doing what they know best since 1994. During their 25 years of business, the company has perfected their skill to meet every client’s need, making even the most extravagant designs more than perfect.



Concrete is sometimes also called Portland cement concrete for its visual resemblance to Portland stone and is made of coarse and fluid ingredients in order to harden not instantly but over time. This allows for it to be worked into the most precise designs.



This is one of the most frequently used building materials and was first used as long ago as 700 BC. Ancient Nabataeans used concrete-like materials for house construction, flooring and to make underground water containers. Some of these structures can be still found today.



There is also concrete work found in Greece which dates back to 1400-1200 BC. At that time, people discovered they could add volcanic ash to it to improve the mix and allow it to set underwater.



It was also extensively used by the Romans and it’s one of the reasons why so many of their structures survived to this day.






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