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German Scientists Came Up With A Way To Monitor Your Health With The Help Of These Colored Tattoo


With the advancement of technology comes all kinds of crazy ideas on how to track human activity, health, and whatnot. Some of them might seem a bit too invasive, so we understand if being chipped, for example, is not exactly your cup of tea. On the other hand, a better solution can always be found if you just look for it. That’s exactly the case with health tracking – today’s story will explain how exactly to do that without any invasion to your body.

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Scientists in Germany have recently come up with something that could make it easier to monitor one’s health

Image credits: Geoff Livingston

Many people nowadays choose to tattoo something of meaning or personal significance on their bodies. Some would even agree on calling it a form of art but a technological advancement in the 21st century has recently brought it up a level and found a way to use tattoos for medical purposes.

They invented dermal sensors that can substitute as ink for tattooing

Image credits: Wiley-VCH

The color of tattoos made with such ink varies depending on your health

Image credits: Wiley-VCH

German scientists came up with dermal sensors that can be infused into human skin instead of tattooing ink that changes its color according to one’s blood pH, sugar and sodium levels, allowing for the person’s health to be tracked without ever visiting a doctor’s office.

It changes due to varying blood pH or other health indicators

Image credits: Wiley-VCH

This makes it possible to know your condition without constantly taking blood samples

Image credits: Wiley-VCH

This could be really useful for people who constantly need to have their blood samples taken, for example, the ones with diabetes or kidney illnesses. Therefore, glucose indicators in these tattoos could be particularly helpful for them as it changes color from yellow to dark green depending on the patient’s blood sugar levels.

This kind of tattooing concept is rather new

Image credits: Wiley-VCH

Scientists from MIT and Harvard formed a group called Dermal Abyss earlier on

Image credits: Dermal Abyss

Using this new invention instead of regular tattoo ink offers an advanced way to care for your health by having an aesthetically pleasing decoration on your skin that can be made completely personal and wouldn’t be associated with your health by others, therefore giving you the advantage of keeping it discreet.

And experimented making tattoo ink with biosensors

Image credits: Dermal Abyss

With a similar idea for the ink to change color according to blood pH levels

Image credits: Dermal Abyss

As on this day, it has only been tested on pig skin that is commonly used for practice by tattoo artists. Hopefully, it will soon be acknowledged as safe for human use and will make the lives of many people a lot easier and healthier!

Tracking your health was never easier

Image credits: Dermal Abyss


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