DIY Giant Spider Web With Saran Wrap


DIY Giant Spider Web With Saran Wrap

DIY Giant Spider Web With Saran Wrap | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Have you ever decided you were not doing holiday decorations outside and then on the eve of the holiday you look around and all your neighbors have gone all out and you get that tingle that says, “Do Something! Anything and do it fast!”, because you know you will feel like a complete stick in mud while everyone else is having fun. We have all been there at some or other, so for moments like those you need a killer last-minute Halloween Decor DIY like this extremely simple Saran Wrap Spider Web. You just need some nails, a big roll of saran wrap from Costco, and a couple of trees or poles to attach it to.

I was severely suffering from the Halloween Bah Humbugs and I told all my Kids and Grandkids not to expect any great effort this year on the tired old Hallows Eve. They were not happy and I know must have been thinking I had turned into a big fuddy-duddy who was completely over the hill and no fun. I didn’t care at the time, because we were redoing our kitchen and that one refurbishment project had thrown the entire house into disarray. However, as I was sweeping the front porch the day before Halloween, I felt a cool Autumn breeze blow across my face and suddenly I looked around at all the neighbor’s houses that were so festively decorated. I mentally reminisced about all the good old days when my kids were little and we decorated our entire yard and served treats to all the neighbors, planned our costumes for weeks and made them all by hand. Well, I realized then that I was being a fuddy-duddy and I could not continue on this path. So I frantically got on Youtube in the hope of finding the impossible, an easy highly original DIY statement lawn decoration. I found just that with the DIY Giant Spider Web With Saran Wrap! I already had all the materials, so Hubs and I got the ladder and went to work on the front yard. In no time at all, we had the Web installation all done, it looked so grand! We got a giant spider from Michael’s Craft Store and set it right in the middle. Hubs was not going to let us get shown up by anyone else so he set 3 floodlights directly facing the grand web. I called the kids and grandkids to come over and they were so excited when they turned onto our street, they said they could see the web glistening from a block away.


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