DIY Fairy Glow Stick Jars


DIY Fairy Glow Stick Jars

DIY Fairy Glow Stick Jars | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Have you been needing an electricity-free, battery-free small lamp for a night light or porch decoration? This simple glow stick idea is fantastic! When I first came across this project, I thought it looked really difficult, but it is the most super simple thing I have ever made. You just begin with a Mason Jar and cut your glow sticks at the ends and pour the liquid inside the glow sticks into the jar.

Fairy Jar 2

Then add the glitter and you are good to go!

Fairy Jar 3

Last Saturday my kids were so bored and needed some kind of fun activity to occupy them for a few hours. I remembered seeing this project on Youtube and thought it looked really fun. I showed the photos of the finished project to the kids and they went wild with excitement. We piled in the car and went to Michael’s Craft Store and got a box of Mason Jars and a bunch of glow sticks and glitter. We got all our supplies home and I laid out a big newspaper mat in the garage and we got started. Before I clipped all the glow sticks, I made sure the kids had their vinyl gloves on because glow sticks contain shards of glass and should be handled with moderate caution. Then the kids put all the ingredients in the Mason Jars and secured the lids, that’s when the magic occurred. Our DIY Fairy Lamps looked amazing! We decided to make a snack of fire pit-roasted S’Mores in the backyard and then decorated the table with all the Fairy Glow Lamps. Our snack was delicious and all and all, we had a really great day, the kids had a terrific time. When their Moms picked them up they were so happy to see the new additions to the home decor, they all said they had the perfect spot to put the lovely Fairy Lamps.

DIY Fairy Glow Stick Jars



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