DIY Beer Knight Costume


DIY Beer Knight Costume

DIY Beer Knight Costume | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Need a unique DIY Halloween costume idea? Here’s one you probably have not seen before. My crazy Brother In Law, the Tailgate Tyrant loves anything beer themed. I made him a beer box hat that wowed the Tailgaters at the past few games and then we kicked it up a notch with a 70’s crocheted beer can hat he could switch to if he got cold, or bored lol. However, when I saw this Beer Knight Costume I keeled over laughing so hard I couldn’t control myself! I got on the phone immediately and called my Sister. I told her her sweet baby Hubs had to wear the Beer Knight Costume and we had to make it as a surprise. I instructed her to sneakily get his measurements and from his clothes and hats, she eagerly agreed.

I worked feverishly day and knight trying to get this costume together before the next big Dallas Cowboy game and every time I wanted to give up I referenced the video to remind myself how awesome it was going to be. I meticulously put this costume together one piece at a time, like the famous Johnny Cash song. I made sure every detail was perfect. I had to get a lot of eighteen packs and needless to say, I drank a lot of beer. On that note, I have to say, the beer drinking actually makes these projects so much more fun. Slowly but surely, inch by inch I brought this costume together.

I used foil tape around the edges and then pieced this one together like the one here. It took some time, but it was totally worth it.

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas - Beer Knight
Check out this Coors Light Sword. Make this costume with your favorite beer brand.

When I finished, I drove over to my Sister and Brother In Law’s house and hid the costume in a big box. I brought two buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken for everyone and an eighteen pack of beer. As we were relaxing I casually asked my Brother In Law if he had seen the video of the Beer Knight on Youtube, he answered no. Well, I immediately texted it right over to him, he cracks up laughing, nearly falling out of his chair. I had left the box containing the costume on the porch and we got one of the kids to go around the house and ring the doorbell. We all looked at Brother when the doorbell rang, Sister said,” Honey, go see who that is”, He trots over to the front door and opens it and says, “It’s just a big box with my name on it, what the heck?!”, we all said, “Open It!”. He lifts the lid ever so carefully the next thing we know he hit the ground howling with laughter, kicking his heels with glee! I said, “You gonna wear that Bubba?”, he smiled with tears in his eyes and said, “If its the last thing I do”


DIY Beer Knight Costume



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