Closet No More!


Repurposed Closet in a Kid's Room

Kids love to build impromptu forts—hiding inside tents, nooks, and improvised shelters makes them feel protected from imaginary monsters, frightful creatures, and the rest of the outside world. We’ve seen a lot of DIY and ready-to-buy tent options on Pinterest and all over the blogosphere lately, but one idea makes my heart skip a beat: the repurposed closet.

Repurposed Closet in a Kid's RoomRepurposed Closet in a Kid's Room

That ugly monster that hides in every kid’s closet? Well, there’s nowhere for him to hide anymore, because these spaces brilliantly transform a basic closet space into a fantastic play area or sleeping corner. How cool is that?

Repurposed Closet in a Kid's RoomRepurposed Closet in a Kid's Room

Of course, you’ll have to reorganize the room and store the closet contents in a dresser or chest of drawers or utilize some other storage option. But imagine how wonderful it would be for your child to have a hidden space like one of these in his or her room! Hey, monsters and ugly night creatures, move away—we’re taking over the closet!

Image credits (from the top): Design*Sponge (photo 1), Home and Interiors (photo 2), Fe Fi Fo Famma (photo 3), Armelle Habib via Mary Made This (photo 4), Hickman Interiors (photo 5).


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