Briliant Space Saver: DIY Knee-Wall Dresser


Briliant Space Saver: DIY Knee-Wall Dresser

If you didn’t get to design your house from the early building stages, you may have run into a few storage problems here and there. Even if you were so lucky, life can change rather rapidly: kids move out and you may want to convert their bedrooms, or maybe kids are on the way and you now need to create a new bedroom. Whatever the case, dressers can get really bulky, take up way too much space, and really make a room feel a lot smaller than it is.

We’ve found an incredible solution: install a built-in chest of drawers right into the wall! Not only is it convenient and practical, but it really looks fantastic. You can do the whole installation yourself if you feel comfortable with your DIY skills and tool handling, but you’ll just need some advice from a professional before getting started; a structural engineer will be able to tell you whether the structure of your walls will allow for this project , and where the best spot would be.

This project requires some labor, time and tools, but as long as you follow the step-by-step instructions by ThisOldHouse, the end result will be extremely satisfying when all your hard work results in the perfect storage solution.


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