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A Childhood Friend Invited Me To Spend A Weekend In Ukraine, Here Are My 72 Hours In Kiev


One of my “childhood” friends was from Ukraine. She came as an exchange student for a year and 20-some-odd years later here we are, still friends visiting each other when we can. In 2017 I moved from California to Denmark which made visiting me from Ukraine pretty easy. After a couple of visits, I got the “come to Kiev” offer from my friend. So I packed up for a quick weekend in the city that blew my mind.

An amazing, whirlwind experience; Kiev is a vibrant city filled with golden light and intensely beautiful architecture. Ukraine’s history, especially recently, is tragic and difficult to learn and hear about… but I promise you, coming to Ukraine will give you a perspective on the world you never thought possible. My 72 hours in Kiev is the time I will cherish forever and I’m excited to return, hopefully, soon.

Here are some of the images I took while in Kiev, Ukraine. I hope you enjoy them and if you’d like to see more please visit my website!

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