Check out great budget beauty ideas to any taste! I hope you’ll enjoy these wonderful nail designs and other beauty tips:
– If you like matte effect on your nails, here’s what you should do: apply a thick layer of your favorite nail polish, pour some water into a pot to boil, keep your hands over it and let the steam do the work. Be careful to avoid burns
– Fix your nail using a tea bag. Yes, it sounds crazy but you should watch our tutorial
– You can use lipstick for a manicure. Apply lipstick on nails and cover with clear nail polish
– Ombre looks very stylish. Did you know that achieving the effect is with a sponge? Watch our video and find a full tutorial
– Dandruff is a real disaster especially if you have dark and long hair. Try our mask recipe to keep your skin clear – mix onion juice, coconut oil, and burdock oil
– Aloe Vera helps irritated skin to feel comfortable. Mix aloe vera with honey and coconut oil!
– We have a recipe that will help your feet feel good – mix aspirin, citric acid and water together. Put the mix into a plastic bag and put feet inside and leave for 15 minutes. After 5-7 days the skin will exfoliate
– The most popular mask made from charcoal is a mask for blackheads. This mask made from two ingredients charcoal powder gelatin and warm water
– Garlic is a magical tool that has vitamins and minerals that can combat acne. Apply garlic and leave for 5 minutes
– Wash off makeup using olive oil
– Usually, we waste up a lot of foundation because can’t get it out of a bottle. There is a cool way to save your budget – turn a drinking straw into a spatula

00:32 Matte manicure
02:35 Aloe vera for irritated skin
04:39 Hair loss mask
12:53 Brilliant makeup tips

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